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History: This blog is the third incarnation, and started as a paper RPG & desktop gaming blog.  After starting the MMO City of Heroes days after its launch in 2004,  It developed into one dedicated to that MMO, as it remained for nearly eight years. On November 30, 2012 that MMO was shut down by the company NCSoft despite an outpouring of fan support and community outrage.  Starting In December 2012, I'm going to be opening up the focus of the blog to cover ANYTHING gaming I'm playing, be it PC, XBox 360, iPad, Dragon*Con, etc.

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City of Heroes Returns...

In case you haven't heard, my favorite MMO of all time is back.   Sort of.   Apparently Titan Chat and some others, who had been running the cannibalized version of City with no game play known as Paragon Chat have had a working version of the servers for the game.   BUT they've had to keep it secret to avoid the inevitable Attack of the Lawyers that would result if it were known.   BUT one lone player, a Youtuber, blew the whistle on it.   So they opened up the servers.  And a flood of people have registered for accounts and are playing the game yet again.   There are 4 servers up now: Everlasting, Indomitable, Excelsior and Torchbearer. 

Apparently these servers are hosted in Amsterdam.   Some people are in talks with NCSoft to avoid any legal shutdown, but the server code is out and available.   Quite likely they'd be looking for an endless game of chase the servers if they don't come to an agreement of some kind.    Running servers like this is expensive; I've heard quotes of $4500 monthly.    No one is asking for money YET, probably for legal reasons.

Server stability is questionable at times.   And more than a few Mapserver shutdowns have occurred.   Late evening East coast time seems to be the peak as people all over America try to get on the game.  I've seen queues as high as 2000 people waiting to get in, but that was when only 2 servers were in operation.    Thankfully the Tequila software used to get in has the character creator available.   You can create costumes on that software while in queue for the live game, save them, and load them in the live game -- saving time recreating them.   If you have that NAME you want, I'd suggest logging in and preserving it, even if you aren't ready to play.

Originally they were talking about the possibility of a complete wipe -- but I've my doubts they'll do that.  They have had too many people doing to much to do that now.   

Playing the game is somewhat different than before.   They don't know anyone's NCSOFT history or purchases -- so they don't bother.   ALL auras and costume elements are available from the start.   A Pay2Win vendor can give you Prestige enhancements, Powers like Sands of Mu, Nemesis Staff, Prestige sprints, Wisp and drone pets and the llike  that we used to get for being long term subscribers for free.   Movement powers open up at level 4, which include the 3 lesser powers.  Meaning you can go directly to Fly without needing to purchase Hover first.   For old timers -- thats like 10 levels early. 

AE is back up and running -- with several FARMS running.  I think they are going to be tweaked.   I've joined a few and leveling can be RAPID.    Most people get the first few levels in sewer runs running from Atlas Park Sewer entrance to Steel Canyon -- or close to it.   Going from level 1 to 10 is possible on such runs.

People are running task forces, creating supergroups, even saw one Costume contest advertised in the chat.   Teams are EASY to come by and people are having fun.  Yes the game engine is a bit dated, but it runs at ULTRA settings on my current rig with no problems.   Even when you've a full group of 8 tackling countless enemies with powers galore going wild.  

SO many people are in such a good mood.   I've seen dozens of Twitch streams running of City, with hundreds of viewers of it. 

I'll leave with a few youtube videos Links (embed isn't working)  to help you get on and see what is going on...

Private Server is Real by Positive Gamer -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbRvDFKCLis

 Setup Tutorial by Positive Gamer--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrs_B6WRRJM

 How to Play COH for Free - Kabaleryo Show --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pztDGii3fvo

City of Heroes - Home -- Darkborn --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oecro0gPx8



Fallout 76

I'm still on the fence about Fallout 76.   Playing with others could be good OR bad.   I've had too many times where games that are rated teens or mature have grade schoolers playing, cursing like sailors, or whining at everything.   Fallout has been a solo game for so long.   I'm willing to try it, but I could see it go badly so easily.   Especially if some whining grade schoolers love to nuke every settlement just for the hell of it.

I'm not too sure about some of the creatures.   I know that the FEV is in the wild, but seeing such bizarre and large forms within 3 decades of the apocolypse?   Seems a little bit much.   Introducing supermutants at this point in history, earlier than ever before, seems lore breaking too.   I can't help but wonder if these will be dumb or smart varieties.   I hope there is story behind it that fits.   I can conceive of them having the same source as Fallout 3 , but that seems almost a cheat.

Been thinking of getting into another game.  Fallout 4 has been my go to game for about a month now and is starting to get repetitive.   I always focus on one weapon group, but by the time I've got he toon to the 60s, they've branched out into multiple weapons.  They all blur together.    I saw The Raft on steam and it seems interesting.   The Mars colonization game looks interesting as well.    Jurrasic World Evolution is another game that just came out.



I've played a lot of Fallout over the last month.   3 different playthrus.   I've had some trouble with my mods.   Taking two characters into Nukaworld and going for the full raider playthru.  But in both playthrus I had multiple issues.  Trying CBBE , I liked the new PAMPAS set.   However the MESH extension I never could get to work -- Skin that should show under the mesh was invisible, which gave the weird hollow-character effect.   WORSE when I finally was able to start raiding the commonwealth, Shank wouldn't let me chose ANY targets.  At least not until I got rid of most of my mods.   It seems various combinations caused issues, including my Scrap Everything mod.   Turning that off caused lots of previously removed objects to reappear.

So I finally tried to play NO MODS.  Its been a LONG time.   Some of the mods I had did give me a few starting supplies and caps I don't have now.   Plus there is no ammunition workbench, so I had to use the manufacturing elements to produce some 10mm ammo for the Ultimatum I got from the Creation Club DLC.  Further I'm used to having Ballistic weave sooner, and on more items.   Now it isn't possible , especially on non-Railroad characters.   Leveling also seems to take far longer.   I did manage to get an achievement for producing all the ammo -- first Fallout 4 achievement in AGES.

Still not to sure what to make of the Fallout 76 annoucement.   It doesn't sound like a full Fallout Game, but I'm not sure what it will be.   Especially making it a prequel is interesting, as long as they don't break lore to stick the usual Fallout stuff into the game.  JET shouldn't be around any Virginia setting, nor caps used as money, nor supermutants (unless they come from the capital wastlend vault).   I'm concerned about it becoming a zombie survival game substituting large number of ferals.  I'd be concerned about any FEV enlarged creatures that early in the Fallout timeline as well -- maybe a few slightly oversized stuff noted in passing, but not actually as opponents.   There is SOOO much that could be done interestingly, and sooo much that could be big lore breaks.   Still wonder about it.   I suspect that everybody BUT the player character left the vault in 2097, and he/she had to stay an extra 5 years, alone.   Perhaps as a safety measure? Shutting down Vault systems?    So many questions.   Can't wait for E3 to spread some more info into this... 



Back again...

My old computer has been hanging on by a thread forever... going into meltdown everytime I started ANY Game.   The old Nvidia 680 graphics card was jumping the system temprature by as much as 40 degrees if used at all.   This meant playing games was luck of the draw at best how long I could play before the game would lock up if not the WHOLE system would crash.

The budget finally allowed for a replacement, and the last couple weeks I've been putting the new unit through its paces.   Of course that means getting used to Windows 10 from windows 8.1 among other things.  Graphics wise I've upgraded to a GTX 1070 card.   Not THE top of the line, but close enough.   Too many of the GTX 1080 cards were unavailable due to the Bitcoin blight on the Top of the line cards.   Not that I would have been able to swing for that at CURRENT prices.

Needless to say I'm happy.   The new unit is plays everything at top level graphic settings for nearly every game I try -- Fallout 4, Skyrim SE, Champions Online, Diablo III, Saints Row IV, and more. Couldn't get Fallout 3 to work but most of my Steam library came thru.   Even was able to get my Xbox Pinball FX3 library to migrate over to the PC without spending a sent thanks to it being a play-anywhere title.  

So in the last couple weeks I've had SEVERAL sessions on Champions Online and actually managed to level several idle toons up for the first time in months.  One new toon even got a couple cover's produced. 

Look for some NEW content here shortly.




Cover of the Day - Sepetember 8th , 2016


Cover of the Day - September 7th, 2016

I had an idea for a pulp hero for a costume contest -- Same helmet in black, aviator goggles and scarf, flight jacket etc., all in browns and tans.  It worked for a 50GP prize.   I made a few other more modern costumes.   The modern ones have the face mask & neck brace.   ALL have the ring bracers -- the source of his powers mostly .   I've a background that ties it all together -- essentially a modern student and part time engineer finds out that his great-great grandfather almost begame a hero in his own right.   Unfortunately at that time minaturization and control of a bladeless air moving flight suit just wasn't possible.   But adapting the idea with modern gear was childs play.   He was able to rescue a lost child EASILY with the modified vintage suit and got the hero bug.

While playing it, I got involved with a group called Loose Cannons... which kind of fits the character to a point.   Chessman also has joined the group...   Quantlon and Arc are also possibilities for the group , seeing as they haven't gotten involved with a group as yet.

I didn't go to DragonCon this year.   My bad knee just wouldn't take the 5+ hotel spread.  Especially not with the fringes of the hurricaine blowing through this weekend.   I have seen a few videos from it so far... and it looks like there was fun...   A lot of Fallout 4 specific cosplay in the parade I noticed -- Dance, some vault dwellers with the Cannonade and Junk jet weapons.  

That being said, the holiday weekend was a double XP weekend for Champions Online's Seventh Anniversary.   Which means free stuff as well, including more free WASP SE vehicles.   By now all my remaining toons have 1 or more of them.   I think Chessman has 3 vehicles now.   Taking advantage I got ALL my characters to 20 or higher.  Atomwave & Turbojet to 22.


Cover of the Day - September 6th 2016