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History: This blog is the third incarnation, and started as a paper RPG & desktop gaming blog.  After starting the MMO City of Heroes days after its launch in 2004,  It developed into one dedicated to that MMO, as it remained for nearly eight years. On November 30, 2012 that MMO was shut down by the company NCSoft despite an outpouring of fan support and community outrage.  Starting In December 2012, I'm going to be opening up the focus of the blog to cover ANYTHING gaming I'm playing, be it PC, XBox 360, iPad, Dragon*Con, etc.

That being said, their will be images from various games posted on this blog.  No claim here is made to the games, and no intent to infringe on any copyrights are inferred.   Copyrights are property of the respective companies.


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Entries in Character Bio (25)


Bio -- Starkind

Starkind is another idea that I tried over again.  ONE I liked the costume -- using the blurred circle AND that particular star.   He was always played as having some sort of energy powers.   This is the 2nd version of him, and there was a female version at one time.  The first version got most if not all the cover exposure.

Thinking of Earth as a training ground for a warrior seemed cool to me.   Also having him take the name he's not yet earned might give him mixed feelings.   Its like calling yourself king before your coranation. 


Bio -- Ice-Agent

Ice-Agent is a name I stumbled onto, liked, and tried to use on several occasions. I even used it for a DCUO character.  This is the final incarnation, a recreation of the second, if not first, incarnation.  I seem to remember a male version in there some where.    


Bio -- Manasign

Manasign was another attempt at a magical character.  I always found them a mixed bag, that worked with some groups and not others.   There were a lot more TEEN or MUTANT themed groups than magical ones,  but they did exist.     

The one odditity -- Several of my magical themed characters always seemed to do good at costume contests.  This one was no exception.   And more often than not, red played a chief color in their costumes.


Bio --- Gigawatt Girl

Gigawatt Girl was an attempt to get into the Justice Girls SG, one of the more active groups on the Virtue server toward the end.  I've seen them still active in Champions, but haven't made contact again.

The mainthing I remember doing was green electricity with her.   I always liked off-colored lightning for my characters.  After years playing the traditional blue only, this was fun.


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