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The above link is my Flipboard magazine -- a currated collection of articles, tweets, even videos about console gaming, MMOs & DragonCon.  Over 2000 viewers and growing.


History: This blog is the third incarnation, and started as a paper RPG & desktop gaming blog.  After starting the MMO City of Heroes days after its launch in 2004,  It developed into one dedicated to that MMO, as it remained for nearly eight years. On November 30, 2012 that MMO was shut down by the company NCSoft despite an outpouring of fan support and community outrage.  Starting In December 2012, I'm going to be opening up the focus of the blog to cover ANYTHING gaming I'm playing, be it PC, XBox 360, iPad, Dragon*Con, etc.

That being said, their will be images from various games posted on this blog.  No claim here is made to the games, and no intent to infringe on any copyrights are inferred.   Copyrights are property of the respective companies.


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Entries in Character Bio (25)


Biopic - Thoughtwave

An early mind controller, one I made on a low population server.  I never got back to playing him, but he survived on my account for nearly the full 8 years.  I can't think of many more attemps at playing a mind controller.  I was always annoyed by most of the abilities on that powerset being interruptable -- It made it impossible to play with some other gungho players.   But it was also one of those controller type sthat was difficult to play solo.


Biopic - Fatal Overdose

One of two Villain Masterminds -- this one was a poison/thug. 


Biopic - Lady Nippon

I think I've done this one a couple times, and even tried a Champions version once.


BioPic - Lightforce

Not a Virtue server toon, This one was elsewhere. He made for an ODD peacebringer, and got lots of cover time.  


BioPic - Mud Dauber

This one I tried a couple times, always a earth controller.  This was the classic look -- on another version I did a more insectoid look.   This one got some brief cover time.  


Bio - Professor Infinity

He existed on a non -Virtue Server early on -- another Martial Arts / Regen scrapper.   He saw considerable cover time before I finally went to Virtue almost all the time. I think he ended up on the Freedom server at the end.


Bio - Lord Infinitum

Inspired both by the temporal powerset and Doctor Fate, this one attracted lots of attention and won a few costume contests.