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Gaming log

I've gotten a character back up on in Skyrim to level 46.   My battlemage has gotten enchanting up to 100, Destruction up to 100, and smithing is in the mid 90s.   I soon hope to begin work on my DragonScale armor set, which I will double enchant.   Even in my second set of Glass armor which I double enchanted I can go weapon or spells without changing into archmage robes.   Destruction spells cost no magicka.   

I've made it through the companion quests, and cured her  of lycanthropy.  I've gotten the elder scrolls, red the magic portion of the Oghma Infinium, and pursued Alduin to Sovangarde.    I've no interest in doing Thiefs guild on this character, and with the Dark Brotherhood no more, I've only got the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC content pending.   I'm holding off on the final stage of Potema in Solitude, and haven't done the Bards college quests either, although I did find the lute doing other things in far east Skyrim.

I'm so close to getting my main goals I can taste it -- I'd love to have a level 50 again on the PC.  Doing it as a battlemage is just icing on the cake.

In Champions I've gotten a few levels here and there.   I did do one thing -- trying a freeform Darkness character that actually got over the hurdle.  Called Eidolon (as in apparition - ghost), it may remind City players of the Vahz Eidolons.    I finally used some of my zen and got the Cape Glide power for that toon, and it turned out to be good.   I had thought it wouldn't be able to gain altitude and just be a controlled falling.   Not so.   You can gain altitude, but albeit you don't do it as fast as horizontal or downward movement.  And of course, you can't hover.   It takes a bit to get used to.   It distorts the cape as it spreads it out.  A flat bottom cape goes into a semi-circle.   A scalloped bottom cape looks neat stretched out.   I used a black & purple design.   Leather, with thin purple inlay stripes.   I started with a golden age hood, but it really didn't look right.   I ended up doing a full mask, also with purple lines.   The cape is gradient. In flight the gradient inperceptible on the cape at rest is very noticable.  I've had to go with a very deep purple.   I've got a magic origin -- changed by touching an ancient medallion.  He's already up to 15 and is very fun to play.

Its hard to find time for it all  -- Everytime I play one of these two games  I want to play the other.   I've a few games I bought during the Steam sale that I've not touched yet.  Xcom, Orcs Must Die 2, GTA IV to name the main ones.   All in good time.   I hope.  

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