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Skyrim -- On a Roll...

My toon, Fridina Ice-Eyes has completed most of the Dragonborn DLC content and is now 52, halfway to 53.    She's bounced back and forth betwee Dragonscale and Light Stahlrim armor.  Currently her Dragonscale armor is now giving a rating of 1012.  I don't hink I've ever gotten 4 figures from an armor rating -- definitely not from LIGHT armor.    Light armor is up to 80+, with 5 level bonuses (giving 100% bonus, and bonuses for all light armor and matching set.    One handed is high 70s, although of not done more than the level perks.   I've got a deadric sword overblacksmithed and overenchanted thanks to potions, with absorb health of 47 and 119 chaos damage on top of 278 regular damage.   I've tried a matching mace with chaos and absorb stamina, but it slowed me down a little.   A couple times I did need the shield -- but not often.  The healing from the sword has lessened my needs  for Restoration magic.   

Its been a weird trip -- Starting off the wizard side, she's always been a glass cannon.  Unshielded and vulnerable.   Now in armor she's a force to be reckoned with using sword and shield.  Now with her current weapon and armor, she can wade through lots of foes with the sword.   Some missions are pretty thick with mages.   Those missions usually force her to back to magic.

As I said, Mirak has been defeated.  One of the things I did on the final Waking Dreams pursuit of Mirak was to use the un-perk stuff that you get at the end,  and get my restoration perks back (3) and put them into Smithing so I could do Ebony and fully smith Stahlrim.   Eventually Deadric followed, making it the first character with ALL smithing perks.   IF I had it to do over again, I would have gone and unperked Smithing, and reversed sides.     I wouldn't be using anthing other than Sthalrim , Dragonscale or Deadric, so why go that route?   I'd have 3 perks that I could use on something else.  

I managed to get further through all the Dragonborn DLC than ever before -- I got all the armor pieces from out of the crypt that you work with a dark elf to unbury.   I found 2 of the resonance gems, and new where to take them -- and apparently that was all that was needed to finish that dungeon.  Well that and figuring out a few puzzles.   

Dragonborn stuff is underway, and I've gotten to the point where I've done several missions for the Gunmar and Sorine Jurard.  To that point I'd not done anything to get a bounty over 80 -- hard to think I'd went through 50 levels like that.  But I had to defeat a masquerading bard and was forced to do it publically.   1000 bounty for Dawnstar.  Ugh.    

One of the Go-for missions for Sorine had me getting dwemer schematics from a location in Solstheim -- That's right .    Dawngard DLC sending me to Dragonborn DLC location.  It must be semi-random or something, and that location qualified. 

She's probably got around 165000 gold by now -- making her the richest Skyrim character I've ever had.  I've lots of unfinished shouts -- where I know 1 or 2 of the words, but not all 3.   Even said, with close to 50 dragon downed,  there are plenty of gaps if I want to make that a goal.  

I've been a little hampered lately.  I think the LB button on my PC Xbox style control has broken -- I can't seem to SPRINT anymore.  Which has been a problem sometimes in battle ---- NO sprint means even some bunnies can outdistant you unless you resort to Whirlwind sprint.  I suspect it will have to be replaced.   

 I can easily see getting a few more levels on this character for the DLC content.   After that I'll have to search for all the unexplored locations.  I'm hoping I've forgotten some big ones -- I don't see how anyone gets to the likes of 70 without redoing a lot of contents. 

That being said I think I'm going to give it a rest.   The Dawngard stuff can get tedius -- You've got the long backstage wandering of the castle, followed by all the stuff in the Soul Cairn, then you have to pursue the Bow by playing errand girl for the Snow Elf through the falmer filled caves and canyons hidden in northwestern Skyrim.  I really don't like doing that again.  But I would like to get another level or two on this character.  It would officialy become my higest toon.  

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