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Anticipation of Dragon*Con 2013

It happens every year.   Nervous about Dragon*Con.  Have I forgotten anything?  Is everything ready?  Which do I give priority to?  And when?   Always wondering if work will intrude on the event, despite having it cleared months in advance.    Its the funnest time of the year for me, always surprising, costs way too much in parking alone.  But I haven't missed one for anything.   I've gone every year since 1998.  Back then it was only in 2 hotels with some gaming in a seperate hall.  Now its in 5 hotels AND they still ended up getting some convention hall as well.   

I get around with a cane these days.  Bad knee and more.   Going handicapped again helps -- but navigating the crowds was problematic before this.  Trying to do it now IS a real problem.   You can't rush from hotel to hotel and even expect to make it.   Some sessions, like live podcasts will seal the room.  Of course if you do get there early you can cut to the head of the line, and that helps.  I still have to plan out my events carefully, and have some alternates if I really can't get from point A to point B.  There is supposed to be handicap shuttles between buildings, but I've never seen them.

Thursday I plan to get my ticket early, and do all my last minute preperations.  And probably go through my schedule one more time.   I want to hit a few things -- Two Doctor Whos will be there this year --  Davison and McCoy.   Sylvester McCoy was there the last two years, and is a riot.   Plus his roll in the Hobbit movies makes him a double draw.     I've seen Davison there before, but it has been a few years.

I also want to see Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner -- They are both due to be there.  The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman shows came out when I was in high school -- I loved them - even if I had to suspend disbelief.  I mean they made it sound like attaching one arm will give you super strength.  Maybe for crushing or throwing -- but lifting also affects the back.   They would have had to Anchor the arm to a reinforced skeleton and spine.    Its almost fun to watch the old shows just to see what was done right and what was done wrong.

The very first MMO session I'm still looking forward to -- a rundown on the year in question.  City of Heroes will MOST likely be the topic of choice.   I hear they're bringing in an economist to make sense of NCSoft's decision.   That corproation sure  hasn't been forthcoming with any details.

I hope to catch some photoshoots this year -- I've stumbled on to a few in the past, but I hope to catch some good ones.  

I can't help but wonder what the cosplay fad will be.  It happens every year -- some theme is the most popular.   One year it was Halo costumes.  Another year 300 style Spartan Warriors.  One year it was Hogwarts Staff & Students.    A few years ago it was Lord of the Rings.  Usually it is something NEW.   Nothing stands out as a BIG theme of choice.  We have a lot of continuing things like Game of Thrones and such, but I really can't put my finger on the one thing that would stand out.    I'm kind of hoping to be surprised.   

I hope to be taking plenty of photos.  Maybe this year I can work up a video... 


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