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DragonCon update

1) I've seen Alduin at DragonCon -- Check my twitter feed -- I'll add pics later.  

2)Parade took almost an hour.  Far fewer Storm Troopers than in past.  Far bigger crowds than before with lots of last minute attendees trying to squeeze into long staked out curb space.   Post parade people and car jams are incredible, and with those crowds the Peachtree Center food court was overwhelmed for hours.  Lunch was impossible.

3) I screwed up my ankle getting to my parade spot -- it had me slowed down even more so than the knee.   And it was hurting half a day later.   I had to make an early day of it Saturday and head home and ice it down.

4)So far I've seen Walter Koenig and Colin Baker, celebrity wise.

5)Got to attend a session involving Missing World Media even though it meant missing the Sword and Laser Session. -- Saw someone else with a Tanker Archetype shirt.   I did like what they had to say -- I asked about Supergroup bases, and it sounds like they will be in the game.   The Unreal engine graphics means they've a lot more control over the costuming, litterally digitally sewing clothes onto a model.   They will have powers coming from body parts or equipment.   Some things are pending, like mastermind powers, and won't be out at launch.    And they are still looking for certain types of volunteers.

Heading out to Sunday Sessions


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