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Recent gaming

It has been a mix.   As the covers of late will show, I have been playing some Champions Online of late.   I have gotten several characters going and advanced to level 20 thanks to the recent Double XP event.   I've two speedsters of late -- Double-Time I originally made for the F.A.S.T. Supergroup, but ended up making contact with the Paragon Dawn supergroup, which is the remenants of the Hero Dawn group in COH that migrated to Champions.   Double-Time has been getting LOTS of covers.   I've got some in the works for the Supergroup as well. 

Another speedster is Runtime -- a digital hero, a human mind with a electrical/holographic body.   Using the digital aura, he's got a distinctive appearance.  Mixing a speedster with electrical abilities has been quite fun.  He IS a member of FAST.

I made a new Bestial freeform character.  Using the name Redbeast (remember CoH's Red Beast Energy Drink billboards?), I have gotten a lot of nods.  He's not in a supergroup as yet.

Psideaways got a little play -- and has left the Freedom Phalanx group after its apparent demise.

I've been tempted to try something in the healing realm -- but haven't hit on a good concept yet.   I saw a good mystic the other day with good shields as well -- I've never gotten any of the support roles to work -- Freeform or otherwise.

I've played some Skyrim as well - I've an Argonian that has gone from Companion Quest thru Civil War and now the Mage quest.  He's married and about 60.   I've been playing more conservative --- a lot of the PC mods that were outrageously unbalancing aren't in effect (No multiple rings for instance). 

I did pick up Gat out of Hell for the 360 , but haven't tried it yet.   I'm debating on getting Mortal Kombat X PC... the reviews make it so tempting. But eventually I do want to get it on the Xbox One.




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