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Cover of the Day - September 7th, 2016

I had an idea for a pulp hero for a costume contest -- Same helmet in black, aviator goggles and scarf, flight jacket etc., all in browns and tans.  It worked for a 50GP prize.   I made a few other more modern costumes.   The modern ones have the face mask & neck brace.   ALL have the ring bracers -- the source of his powers mostly .   I've a background that ties it all together -- essentially a modern student and part time engineer finds out that his great-great grandfather almost begame a hero in his own right.   Unfortunately at that time minaturization and control of a bladeless air moving flight suit just wasn't possible.   But adapting the idea with modern gear was childs play.   He was able to rescue a lost child EASILY with the modified vintage suit and got the hero bug.

While playing it, I got involved with a group called Loose Cannons... which kind of fits the character to a point.   Chessman also has joined the group...   Quantlon and Arc are also possibilities for the group , seeing as they haven't gotten involved with a group as yet.

I didn't go to DragonCon this year.   My bad knee just wouldn't take the 5+ hotel spread.  Especially not with the fringes of the hurricaine blowing through this weekend.   I have seen a few videos from it so far... and it looks like there was fun...   A lot of Fallout 4 specific cosplay in the parade I noticed -- Dance, some vault dwellers with the Cannonade and Junk jet weapons.  

That being said, the holiday weekend was a double XP weekend for Champions Online's Seventh Anniversary.   Which means free stuff as well, including more free WASP SE vehicles.   By now all my remaining toons have 1 or more of them.   I think Chessman has 3 vehicles now.   Taking advantage I got ALL my characters to 20 or higher.  Atomwave & Turbojet to 22.

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