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The above link is my Flipboard magazine -- a currated collection of articles, tweets, even videos about console gaming, MMOs & DragonCon.  Over 2000 viewers and growing.


History: This blog is the third incarnation, and started as a paper RPG & desktop gaming blog.  After starting the MMO City of Heroes days after its launch in 2004,  It developed into one dedicated to that MMO, as it remained for nearly eight years. On November 30, 2012 that MMO was shut down by the company NCSoft despite an outpouring of fan support and community outrage.  Starting In December 2012, I'm going to be opening up the focus of the blog to cover ANYTHING gaming I'm playing, be it PC, XBox 360, iPad, Dragon*Con, etc.

That being said, their will be images from various games posted on this blog.  No claim here is made to the games, and no intent to infringe on any copyrights are inferred.   Copyrights are property of the respective companies.


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Cover of the Day - February 23, 2012


Crisis of Infinite Babbages

I was attracted to this video due to the title -- I'm an old DC fan.

I was surprised to find out about a stunt I hadn't heard of -- a coordinated effort of people running multiple teams doing  the Synapse task force up to the point where Babbage spawns, and then getting ALL their Babbages to appear at once.     This reminds me of the giant robots that appeard during the hamidon seedling event a while back, but apparently was a WHILE back.   I submit for your enjoyment...



Another event -- Failed Heroes?

Check out the details as presented on the COH News Archive .

Essentially put, February 24th at 2PM thru 9PM EST, Pocket D will hold an event for failed heroes & villains.  By name and/or costume, not by bio, these should be obvious failures.  There should be some INTERESTING characters there to say the least.  Prizes include NPC Costume Codes and Game Time.


Cover of the Day - February 22


Staff Fighting Videos?

I wanted to see how well I could embed videos here - This seemed like a good test.  I caught these doing some other COH searches, and was surprised by them.   It is a much more animated set than you usually see.   I could easily see some scrappers go wild with this.  



Updates to the site continue, as I try and find everything I can add, how to implement it, and what still is needed.   So far it is going far smoother than I would have thought.   There is lots of testing to be done.  The new blog software also exists on my iPad, which means I can add content a lot easier than I've done before.  I hope this means that I might even be able to do some photos at Dragon*Con, move them to my iPad and add them directly to the site from the convention.   It will be something to try.

If you have an SG site, especially for servers other than Virtue, a Villain group, a City Radio station, any reference or tool sites that I may have missed, please send me an email at the link at the top.  I've been going through all the links from my old site.  Several SGs and sites have gone dead recently, or at least inactive.   Anything that hasn't had recent activity, I've not added back here.  

I'm still trying to get SERVER STATUS back here -- but so far no go.  I'm trying to drop whatever isn't necessary.   It is one of the things I miss.  But there are some new features I plan to implement.  For instance slide shows can be easily added -- so don't be surprised if I get a cover gallery working DIRECTLY on the sidebar



Cover of the Day - February 21, 2012